No Ifs, No Buts, No Education Cuts

I joined the student demo on 10th November to protest. Along with 52000 others, we marched against Tories' proposed 30% cuts to the arts council budget and an increase in tuition fees by £6000-9000. Students all over the UK, from Edinburgh to Plymouth, joined the procession. I carried my 'arts cuts: worse than comic sans' sign, which turned out to be very popular. And Very true. We gathered at the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and marched down Whitehall to Westminter then ended by Milbank Tower, Tory headquarters. Paige and I bought snacks and watched the riot kick off then left for Chelsea as the police arrived. Unfortunately the protest turned violent with 35 people being arrested. The tuition fee increase is not set to take place until 2014, after I graduate, however, how the government expect anyone but the upper classes to pay that for a degree is beyond me. Without getting political, it was a brilliant day and I loved being part of a cause so worthwhile.

UAL and other arts students met at the Fourth Plinth

Protesting outside the Houses of Parliament

Protesters on the roof of Milbank Tower

My friend Lara has written an article for the UAL magazine, Less Common More Sense. It sums up the day perfectly so please follow the link below.


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