Chinese New Year coming up, year of the rabbit. I found this photograph I took last year, let's hope Chinatown looks as pretty this year.

Battle of the Isms


Come Together

The Beatles in 1957. George Harrison is 14, John Lennon is 16, and Paul McCartney is 15.

Paul McCartney. Images found on http://www.cracktwo.com/2010/01/rare-photos-of-famous-people-125-pics.html


I love this photograph by Tim Walker. Published in British Vogue, October 2009.


Special Delivery

Mail art workshop at Chelsea. One task was to wrap stuff up. We decided to wrap up a person. Don Ackerman to be precise. This is just a test, next we want to wrap him up perfectly (with more string) and take him to the post office. Unlikey he'll get anywhere as there was a law passed in 1952 which meant people could not be posted.
Proposal in the post. Bradley Bell to me. We didn't think the label would stay on so put the ring in a box. It has not arrived yet but still hopeful. Claire's accessories finest ring. What more can a girl ask for.



Lunch in Soho today. Jumbo sausage and chips. With a coke, of course.



Yesterday I purchased Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagram Book by Mark Pawson. It is rather sweet and I especially like the different coloured threads he uses to mimic electrical wiring. With the help of my superb friend, Bradley Bell, Mark signed the book. How very special.

The wikipedia entry details it well:




Today I went to PA/PER VIEW art book fair at the Zabludowicz Collection. I bought a book by Mark Pawson and then I got drawn on. I was given a choice of images of various figures reading a book. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the piece of paper I wrote the artist's name, however, he told me he wanted to make a book of the original drawings and include some photographs of the tattoos. Done in fine liner and coloured felt tip.


I loved this exhibition by Gilbert and George at White Cube, Mason's Yard. As a collector of postcards and a fan of good arrangement, this is definately worth a second visit. Although my display would probably be not be based on the shape of the urethra. Having visited it last weekend, it might become useful research regarding the Mail Art project. Some of the telephone cards were very amusing, we might play around with the idea of posting junk mail or controversial things to places they wouldn't normally be found. Still debatating if I should buy the accompanying Postcard Art book from the exhibition...

Interesting short video interview with the artists at the following link:


A piece of my heart

New project issued this week. The task is to create a mail art project. One of the first ideas I had was to post the members of my group each a piece of my heart. Well, a lamb's heart I bought for 60p on Hoxton Street. It was more of a test to see if the Royal Mail would deliver it. I cut the heart into three parts, wrapped each piece in greaseproof paper, tied, addressed, stuck two stamps to each and posted them.

Below is one of the pieces of heart that arrived in the hands of Bradley Bell. I was lucky enough to be there as he unwrapped it.


Slow Arc V

Slow Arc V by Conrad Shawcross. As seen at part one of an exhibition called Light at Paradise Row, W1. The light inside the cage moved to create some cube-like shadows. Next time I'll take a video of such a thing.

Columbia rd.

Walk along Columbia Road, East London. A standard Sunday afternoon activity. Preferably when the sun is shining. These street performers were new.


Plates designed in commiseration of Prince William's engagement to Kate. KK Outlet in Hoxton Square.

Bad Type Day Out

Continuing with the Bad Type project, the class all brought our horrible letters to the studio and shot them being used in various scenarios. The photo of our group to follow soon. After this, we all went out to photograph the letters around London. Having got followed out the Tate by about five guards, we eventually left them on a set of steps outside a church. Not necessarily the best choice of location but as thunder sounded and the heavens poured down, we made the most of it.


Laura Lancaster

Newcastle based artist Laura Lancaster exhibited some of her recent works at the Laing Art Gallery. She finds disgarded photographs in charity shops, junk shops and in the street and uses them as a way of rescuing lost moments and memories of strangers. I especially liked these images although Lancaster also paints canvases based on the found photographs.

Here comes the Sun

Taken outside my house in Newcastle on a snowy winter's afternoon. Gorgeous.


Xmas 2010

Above, the Christmas card I designed for my parents to send to everyone on their list. What with the tough economic climate, in the words of sir sugar, it seemed an appropriate minimal design. My love for my typewriter and current interest in rubber stamps also fitted in well. Below, one of the shots of my family's Christmas pudding up in flames. Very pretty but I think I'll stick to puddings that actually taste good.


What a fine example of bad type/word art. Found on Grey Street in my hometown of Newcastle. Was is really necessary to write 'ANY AREA' twice? Was any of it really necessary at all?