don't know where who or when. just mmmmmm.

Country Life

Here are just a few samples of ideas for the vinyl project. The photographs from the shoot in Richmond have turned out really well so I'm now experimenting with type and layout and deciding which images work best. I'm hand rendering most of the text and have tested out some lino cuts. The hands-on style of work kind of goes with the idea of getting mucky in the countryside. Plus, I just love working analogue.

Cam pt2/3

Dismantling a camera part two: arrangements. Organising things neatly. It's was like I'd been given a dream project for the day. This is the most successful arrangement I came up with. With more time, it could be better. However, being a collector (and probably hoarder these days), I have saved the pieces for future use so will arrange them again (if they're not too dirty...).


Cam pt1/3

Dismantling a canon digital camera. More posts to follow shortly.


This evening I watched someone have a hand/arm transplant. I am amazed. It was on BBC1 at 9pm, a programme about the human body. Will definitely do some anatomy studies when all these college projects are over.


Hot Babes

I took a couple of girls to Richmond Park and to re-shoot the original album cover. I chose the vinyl mostly because of the nudity but wanted to give my cover images a more 'country' feel. It suited the title better, I think. I managed to get the girls to lay in mucky hay, sit on a drinking trough, stand amongst some cows and paddle in a pond. They were excellent models so huge thanks to them if they read this (they shall remain anonymous).

I have experimented with editing the original images, as above, but am also in the process of finding a suiting back cover (using images of the park without the girls) and typeface. Probably a lot of the type will be hand rendered. More to come soon.

Project: Freddie the Exploding Dog
A possible scenario involving Freddie as an act in a freak show kind of thing. It would be filmed documentary style following Debra (his trainer) and Freddie as they prepare for a big show. Freddie eating, being groomed, exercising, answering his fans on twitter etc. We made a short bruiser film to test the idea but looks like we won't be heading down that route.


Initial idea was to graffiti it. Bring the country to the city. This is kind of in reference to JR, an artist from Paris. Not sure this is the right route but I'll see how the project progresses before I decide.

See JR's work on his website at http://www.jr-art.net/
I recommend watching the videos, he did a great talk on TED a couple months ago. Well worth a see.


Project: Freddie The Exploding Dog. Making a one minute film in groups of five. We're not supposed to give much away until the films have been made. However, obviously with the title, we were bound to do some exploding experiments. Here, Bradley Bell and I made smoke bombs and took them into the woods. Other experiments including using fireworks taped to toy dogs. (Emphasis on the word toy).

To make a smoke bomb you will need:
Potassium Nitrate
Organic fabric dye
Baking Soda
Cardboard Tube
A fuse

Country Life


Roxy Music - Country Life
Just a quick sketch before I began.



A brilliant film shot in 1991 by Robert Rodriquez. Rebecca wants to get rid of David's bedhead who "has the worst case of bedhead you've ever seen". Rodriguez uses his brothers and sisters as cast and family as crew.

Young Dreams

Young Dreams from Young Dreams on Vimeo.

A very beautiful film. Using it as inspiration for a possible concept for a film project.

Directed by Kristoffer Borgli
Cinematography: HÃ¥vard Byrkjeland
Editing: Mikael Svartdahl
Colourist: Julien Alary
Flame Artist: Ivar Rystad ... can anyone tell me what a flame artist is?



Matta - Release The Freq from Kim Holm on Vimeo.

Love the graphics in this film by Kim Holm for Matta. The song is called Release The Freq, from the album Prototype.

Another classic(ly bad).


Surely one of the worst covers in existence. Unsurprisingly in the £1.99 section of a Soho record shop.

I realise I'm a week or so late, however, here are a few photos I took around Westminster the night before the Royal Wedding. There were quite a lot of people there considering it was 1AM.



Catherine THE DOLL on sale at Hamleys for a rather royal £35.

Sage Vaughn

Today I was linked to this blog: http://www.etoday.ru/2011/04/risunki-na-konvertax-sage-vaug.php#more

It has a nice collection of Sage Vaughn's work. He lives and works in LA but is coming over to London to exhibit at the Lazarides Gallery. I will go see the work soon then post my findings.



Today we were given a brief from Peter Chadwick of Popular. (I must add that it is certainly the most beautiful brief I have ever received, it's quite something. And the text is in red!) The title reads:


I spent the afternoon in record shops in Soho with a few classmates researching although here are my initial thoughts:

A drawing of my house in Newcastle sent to my pal Don during the Easter holiday.


cupid scores

Martin Parr for Urban Outfitters. How fantastic. Superb, even.

From a book on Lucio Fontana. Currently studying him in contextual studies along with Angela De La Cruz. Soon to become a short film. More on that later. Need to find/read this manifesto first.


Katie Scott

It's Nice That's Student of the month in March, Katie Scott. 3rd Year Illustration student at Brighton. I love anatomy too so found these watercolour illustrations amazing. http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/student-of-the-month-katie-scott


Worn Out from Ryan Kothe on Vimeo.

Worn Out. A beautiful film by Ryan Kothe.


Designed by All Tropical, can be purchased at Print Club London.

London design and art direction duo extraordinaire StudioThomson (comprising brothers Mark and Chris) has just designed a new website for Swedish artist and designer Petra Borner. They were inspired by 60s and 70s Children's storybooks. See Grafik for more.


Royal Chunder

Sickbag designed and screen printed by Lydia Leith. Purchased for £3 at the Baltic in Newcastle. Check out her website: http://www.lydialeith.com/index.html