What's on a man's mind

Anti Design Festival

Anti Design Festival last week where I worked as a volunteer most evenings at 28 Redchurch street. The event was organised by Neville Brody's Research Studios and is a response to mundane commercial design that fills the usual London Design Week studios. The show welcomed experimental, non-conformist ideas in the form of sculptures, artwork, installations and talks. I was rushing round quite a bit so I didn't manage to take many photos but here are a few from a couple of the days.


Back to the homeland

As a swearing, drunk, iron brew drinking, haggis eating, ginger Scotswoman, I thought it was necessary to return to the homeland by visiting Edinburgh. My company had never been before so we were forced to be tourists. Rambling up the Royal Mile, we went into a giant maze of a souvenir shop which also turned out to be a tartan making factory. Which was nice.

V.e.l.o.x - Pronounced sensation!

Newspaper sheet dated 1960. Found under the floorboards in my home in Newcastle. Nothing much happened that day but I noticed you could buy a brand new Vauxhall for £655! The fact that it is described as having 'an undeniable air of graceful power' is reason enough to sell it to me.

That time I ate lots of Crunchies

Summer holidays...I was clearing out some old work from my portfolios and found this. I didn't really eat lots of Crunchies (I don't even like them), it was just a roll of misprinted wrappers from the factory I managed to scavenge. Anyway...I cut a pattern, made a dress, wore it to an eco-fashion show and ended up in the local paper.


That Hirst Twat

Original sketch of 'For the Love of God' by Damien Hirst as seen at his White Cube last month. The idea on this scrap of paper turned into 1106.18 carats of 8601 diamonds and eventually...£50m. I can only dream.

Boy with Toy Hand Grenade

One of my favourite photographs and photographers, Diane Arbus. Test shots from 1962, Central Park.