The colour of a wall in my bedroom in my new flat. Probably (definitely) the worst colour ever (at least to paint a very large wall). Pantone 152 C, is a pretty good match.

The same colour is in the lounge. It matches the lime green curtains nicely.


just a quick one...

Just a little illustration I made the other day...

No entry

Found on the website for World Headquarters in Newcastle. Love the music in that place.

Camel in a Suitcase

As seen in the Saatchi Gallery earlier this year. Lifesize. I'm really interested in taxidermy and anatomy which is why I love this.


Worst postcards ever?

As well as collecting postcards I like, I've started a collecting postcards which are badly designed and/or are examples of terrible typography. These two were bought in a seaside town in Tuscany this summer and are covered in glitter.

Look at the kittens' little sparkly eyes! OMG so adorable yeah?

Vintage Toys in Camden

As an obsessive collector, I love this stall in the Camden Stables market which sells vintage toys and comic books.


For my Final Major Project of the Foundation course at Chelsea, I decided to focus on the idea of hoarding vs collecting. I am an obsessive collector of things such as old tickets, envelopes, empty packets etc. During my first year away from home, I managed to collect a huge amount of 'stuff'. The collections must be kept organised so I displayed selected objects in my room or kept them in files.

My room in halls, annotated version from sketchbook beneath

I created an inventory of every item on my computer then coded and photographed each object. This information was then turned into a 187 page book. Each collection is divided into sections.

B9A - My Collection - Catalogue