Barter Books

Yesterday I went to Barter Books in Alnwick, Northumberland. It is a massive second hand book store set in an old railway station which also sells rare vintage books. The set of Golliwogg books above are all first editions. We spent a good forty minutes in there but after much procrastination over a 1980s packaging book and a brick of a book on type and layout, I left with nothing but a memory card of photographs. Definitely a place to go if you're ever in the North. The vintage children's books have great covers to admire.


Such a sweet vinyl cover I found today. Sadly didn't buy it. First must get record player. Joe Jackson, Look Sharp.


Original by Karla Read

Gas masks.


Karlie Kloss. My favourite model right now. Especially enjoying her sport the 50s look in Dior's SS11 Eyewear.

Loving the White Mischief spread in May Vogue. This is probably my favourite image. Agyness Deyn photographed by Tim Walker in Kolmanskop in the Namib desert. The town was abandoned in 1954 leaving buildings to become slowly hidden in the sand.



My goldfish, Dave, packed up to go stay with his Uncle while I'm away. Yes, it is a Kingsmill bread bag. His expression (if this is possible for a fish) makes me giggle.


A drawing inspired by a design for a bookplate by Annie French for Ruth Mary Hedderwick. Am currently reading about the Glasgow Girls and Mackintosh architecture. I feel that, despite the posters hanging on my bedroom walls at home, I don't know quite enough about it all. And, as a Glaswegian design student, I should know more. After all, I did play some blues on the white piano in his House For An Art Lover as a child.

My illustration of a photograph of Frances Macdonald with her son, Sylvan McNair in 1904.


Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dart. My favourite dog. She's not mine though. Seem to have encountered a number of pet's of late which I have enjoyed photographing and drawing.

Bang bang

Last week I spent a fantastic few days in the Suffolk countryside. I collected things during various rambles including these shot shells which I have arranged in colour order. I also collected feathers, bark, bus tickets, a pebble and a bird wing.



found on a blog. no source. aim for easter holiday: draw everything. be imaginative.


Sweet shoe designs by Kobi Levi. He treats shoes like sculptures and takes inspiration from everyday objects. Check this for more of his pretty pretty creations...http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/incredibly-creative-high-heels

New Languages

New Languages brief to 'take on or invent a new form of experimental practice or design
tool and develop a way for this to be used, received and understood by the public.'

I wanted to create a new way of printing in a kind of graffiti style. I would involve using an aerosol/spray paint, magnets, iron powder and a surface, paper, to print on. The sketch above hopefully demonstrates the idea in theory.

There were a lot of draw backs to this method and I found it impossible to find a successful method before it was time to present my work. The only real outcome I got was a by using monoprinting style. However, it was difficult to remove the iron powder from the paper as it had dried in with the gouache paint.