My design for Country Life by Roxy Music. A brief by Peter Chadwick of Popular. I really enjoyed this project and thanks again to my models.



My new Polaroid camera. izone200. Birthday present.

Freddie The Exploding Dog

A one minute film. Freddie revolts against the human race. Project devised by Ed Gill. Collaborative project with Bradley Bell, Chloe Alpert, Anna Fearon and Anna Ngai.


Poster for the upcoming film of ours, 'Freddie the Exploding Dog'. Filming finished last weekend followed by a week of editing. The film was handed in yesterday and will be premiered at a Chelsea Oscar night which conincides with end of term. Freddie will be uploaded after this event has passed. Be ready.



I am in complete adoration for Behati Prinsloo shot by Matt Jones for i-D this issue. Loving the make up. T-shirt by Danzig.


Found this on my hard drive, coincidentally they go with the post below, kind of. Don't know where or who but they're a little bit gorgeous.

Jason Freeny

Hello Kitty and Pneumatic Anatomica by Jason Freeny. See an interview with him at the address below. Also, he's worth just google image-ing, his work is cutely morbid.



Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance 1929 by Disney. Can't express how much I like this. 3:45 particularly made me giggle.


John Whiteknight has been collecting Victorian glass domes for 30 years. Currently, his private collection consists of over 175 domes from four inches high to well over three feet high.


I used to collect bottle caps. Actually, I think I still have them somewhere under my bed. Which is why I love Arizona-based artist, William LeGoullon who collected 99 bottle caps from one of his state’s remaining Drive-In Movie Theaters as part of his “Intermission” series. See his portfolio at http://legoullonphotography.com
Quick fix on a Monday morning from http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com/
Feelin' much better now.



Conversation from Julia Salotti on Vimeo.

Above is a short film comparing the two artists Lucio Fontana and Angela de la Cruz. It accompanies an essay in which we were asked to write a conversation between a modernist figure and a post modernist.

With thanks to Jack Dixon at Afco for his help filming.

Song: Hands by Four Tet.


Nicolai Howalt

Boxers before and after. A series of photographs by Nicolai Howalt, a photographer from Denmark. Bloody lovely stuff. See all the shots at http://www.fubiz.net/2011/05/27/boxers-before-and-after/

His website is well worth checking out at http://www.nicolaihowalt.com/index.php
I especially like the deflated airbags in 'car crash studies' and 'dying birds'


Trinity Buoy Wharf

Last Thursday I went to the Central Saint Martins first year fine art show at Trinity Buoy Wharf where they had been working on site during the previous week. My flatmate, Laramie Shubber, exhibited her work (below, top image) alongside other highlights like a slide (from outside into the basement) by Lindsay Mcmillan and an outdoor seating area/den by someone called Briony. Following Lara's work are just a few of the other pieces I liked.

Cam pt3/3

Final part of the assembling/arranging/printing project. Use the pieces of camera to print with. I tried stamp ink first but the result wasn't so effective. Above is the final print, below, the traced version.