Letterpress Day

Letterpress day at the New North Press in Hoxton. We went there as part of a project called the Cockney Alphabet. Each of us was given a letter and what is stands for. For example:

A for 'orses
B for you go
C for miles

I was given the letter M. In the alphabet, 'M for sis'. I then had the task of finding suitable typefaces to visually represent this, or at least make it look pretty. We had to work within a certain space to create each of our letters so they could be printed in a grid on the final poster. Our work will the exhibited on the 9th December in an exhibition.

I had a brilliant day and letterpress is definitely something I'd like to learn more about. Last year I went on a Printmaking course at Edinburgh College of Art summer school which sparked my interest in printing. The physicality of it is much more satisfying than working on a computer, generally. Hopefully I'll be posting more prints on here soon.

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