Went to Pick Me Up today. Saw this on my way out...teatowel by Modern Toss. Absolutely brilliant. Make sure you zoom in to read them. I want! I want!

We heart Reggie

BBC4 came into Chelsea on Thursday to film stuff for a programme about postcards. They interviewed our tutor, Nigel, then briefly filmed the small group of us students wearing Reginald Bray masks. W Reginald Bray was known for successfully posting himself as a letter and collecting autographs from famous people through the postal system.
(Black and white photography from Donald Chung)



As seen in the Saatchi Gallery, Back to the Future by Irina Werning. I love the humour and kind of cuteness of the photographs. I enjoy spending a much longer than average time looking at each of these images. They make me smile. Having visited the current exhibition at the Saatchi twice now, on both occasions I concluded that these were quite possibly my favourite thing in there. On her website she says she is looking for people in Europe in June so I think I'll email her. Wish me luck!




Givenchy's fur covered glasses for A/W 2011 due to be released later this year.


Another find from Battersea car boot sale on Sunday. Vintage match boxes. Haven't felt the need to collect stuff so much recently. I think I know the reason behind it, besides cash. A few days ago I was reminded of this blog which has motivated me to get collecting again... http://collectionaday2010.blogspot.com/ ...Also I'd like to keep my things in jars.


Inkjet kidney

I stumbled across a video on TED about printing a human kidney which researching New Languages. Atala talks first about using a desktop inkjet printer to print a bunch of cells, using cells instead of ink. The next step is to print the cells directly onto the wound followed by the most complex stage of printing organs to be used for transplant. The video is really interesting and well worth a watch. Obviously the technology is still very far away from actually being put into clinical practice.

Battersea Car Boot

New Languages project. Having failed to find anything of much interest on Brick Lane (even in the most junky part of the market), I took the 344 to Battersea to the Sunday car boot sale. It was much bigger than I expected which made the 50p entrance fee worth paying. After a couple of hours browsing in the sunshine, I left with a mini air hockey table, a toy gun (which sparks as you pull the trigger), a vintage mini fan an a tamagotchi-esque athletics toy. All but the gun need batteries unfortunately but I'll have a play and probably take them to pieces in the coming days. Maybe get some ink involved.


something found on http://designspiration.net/image/2151/

New Lanuages: Research

Below are screen shots from one of Matt Pyke's viral films for AOL in 2009. I like the playful process to create something spontaneous but beautiful.

While doing further research I came across these pieces by German artist A.N. Fischer. They reminded me of my light drawing experiments. I'm still thinking about the process I want to use but would like to do something with printing (type) which happens because of physical movement from a person. Maybe something to do with wheels? Tutorial later today so hopefully will have more solid ideas to post soon.


Found on FFFFound.
I like it.



After Effects project: Following on from the illustrations I have recently posted, above is the footage they are based on. I'm working on this piece of audio to create some kinetic type. Below is the storyboard on how I want the 23 seconds to look.

What do you want me to say about it?

Continuing work on After Effects Project. The brief is to create a piece of kinetic typography based on a piece of audio of your choice. I selected a 20 second piece of audio from a Bob Dylan interview in 1965. (First link if you type it in on youtube). The interviewer asks him why he thinks he's so popular which Dylan responds to in a confused and slightly irritable way. Due to the context I've decided to make my film appear quite analogue so have been drawing a lot to illustrate the spoken word. Here are some of the illustrations I plan to include. (Also see the camera drawing a posted a few days ago).


test shots

Playing with light in a dark room. Doing some experiments for the new brief we were told today.

*Build a new language out of something that exists.
*An ideas based project coming out of process.
*Something old being taken somewhere new.
*Old technology being applied to a new era.
*Make/build experiments.

Those are the points that best describe the project. Kind of reinventing something. I'm still getting to grips with it so will post a better description as and when. Possibly some physics involved at a later stage. LEDs, circuit boards, sensors and that.



I've been drawing cameras and microphones in preparation for the After Effects project at Chelsea. Thought I'd take a more analogue approach, especially as I broke my macbook pro so didn't have a computer for 2 weeks. Now I have been reunited with technology, I've been busy scanning and tracing my drawings and working out how to make them kinetic. More to post soon along with an explanation of the project.


X-Ray by Helmut Newton. Advertisement for Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Necklace and bracelet in 1979. With a love of anatomy, particularly bones, I really like these images. Perhaps I should go on a mission to find some old x-rays to play with. Just a thought for now.


Mario Testino for Vogue Paris 2007. It is one of the images of his I have on my wall along with a few Helmut Newton shots. Fabulous.


Illustration by Fashion Designer Louise Gray for her AW 2011/2. I adore how playful her drawings are, her SS collection proves she brings them to life too.



Sign writing workshop on Friday at College with ex-chelsea student Lizzie Gove. Great fun getting inky and white spirity and learning something new. We had to come up with a word meaning gorgeous and try to write well using our new skill. I chose FABULOUS, a word I use often. I tried hard although I can see it would take a lot of practice to get good at it.

Room 18

Drawing in the British Museum.


Bad Type

Studio shot from Bad Type day at Chelsea. We really effing hate those typefaces. Credit to Ben Capaldi for remastering the shot.

If I Was a Rich Man's Plaything

While researching Eduardo Paolozzi I came across this artwork of his from 1947. Some sweet early pop art. I was only really familiar with his sculptures but am really enjoying a browse of his more graphic work.