When you look down, some interesting (but probably dirty) things can be found. Walking along Brick Lane market one Sunday, I found a blue plastic container used to hold apples. I took it home and ironed it. (This was during my phase where I loved ironing plastic). About a month later I found the sheet in a sketchbook and studied it to find that letters where hidden in the melted parts.

I held the sheet up to the window and spotted every letter of the alphabet then took a photograph of it. Some printing, tracing, drawing and scanning later, a had a full alphabet of these plastic letters.
Having made the letters, I wanted to do something with them, so decided to return them to the streets they came from. I made a stencil, bought some spray paint and went out in East London at 1AM. Here are some of the results.


If you had to live in a letter, what letter would you want to live in?


'Smile' by Miroslaw Balka. It is made merely from a polythene disk, a nail and a curved piece of plastic from a washing up bottle. He keeps it under a small glass dome on a windowsill. So simple but makes me feel happy.


I found this photograph I took during a visit to New York in August 2007. The whole street was covered in rubbish like this from a street parade earlier that day.

The Removal Man

Animation by myself and fellow graphic designer, Don Ackerman. Turn your sound up.

Learning Typography

Some outcomes from the Typography project earlier this year.

Life as a graphic designer begins

I chose to specialise in Visual Communication in November 2009 during my foundation course at Chelsea. These images are a few examples of the work I produced over the following months:

Experimenting with images

Ten ways to change Damien Hirst's head. Sketchbook work from 'Lists lists lists' project which later progressed into a series of small canvases.

'Extraordinary Books'
Over the Christmas break we were assigned a project to make three books. Here is an example one of the books I made using used coffee filter papers. Within is a poem about how wonderful coffee is which was written using a typewriter.