Harald Stoffers. German artist. I saw his work at the Museum of Everything a couple of years ago when it was in London. He's been writing letters like this pretty much every day for the past fifteen years. He writes general stuff like everyday notes, memos, schedules, or comments about the circumstances in which he is working. From deciding which trousers he will wear the following day to how much money he will need to pay for a cup of coffee.



Scarf installation by Topshop at Somerset House. I picked up a couple flyers of my favourite designs. Very nice indeed.

Louise Gray

Holly Fulton


Mooching around Somerset House yesterday with camera and Harriet, snapping those fashiony types. Fashion Weekend with the cousins this weekend. Very excited.

You get the point...

How To...

Brief at Chelsea last week. Make a How To guide to survive in times of austerity. My theme was college so I decided to create a how to guide on how to live at Chelsea College when you can't afford to pay rent at your flat. Wish I'd had the time to actually spend a night there. Here are just a few sketches I did in the initial stages of the project. I used illustrator to make the final version. Not happy with the outcome just yet but will post once it's finished.

NY filming. The aftermath.


New York

A time Lapse film for my entry in the New York Competition. I posted some stills last week with more of an explanation of what it's about. Here is the final thing which I handed in yesterday. 24 hours condensed into 3 minutes 27 seconds. Watch full screen.

New York from Julia Salotti on Vimeo.



Yves Klein and his human paintbrushes. Having seen the new Susan Hiller at the Tate today, it reminded me of my love of Klein and his anthropological art. Particularly his blue, my favourite colour. Hiller paid homage to him through a series of photographs, inspired by his photography, notably, Saut Dans de Vide. One night last week I painted my entire body in acrylic paint. I guess that was my homage to Klein though I didn't realise at the time.


A belated Happy Burns! I miss Haggis. I miss Scotland. Found this image on the blog of Brinkworth Design, who coincidentally are based on my street.



The perfect parking space (...if you have a vintage Fiat 500). The latest work by artist Lorenzo Quinn. Four meter high sculpture called Vroom Vroom and is on show in Park Lane. Definitely something to add to the To Do list this week. My uncle is a proud owner of a wee red 500 so has already put in a request for photos.

More info at:



Bits 'n' pieces

A few little collages from the mail art workshop at Chelsea last week.


A custard tart I posted last week. Idea for the Mail Art project. I hear it arrived but came in a plastic bag with 'sincere apologies' from the Royal Mail.


I heart NY

I write to you from a New York. Really, it's a competition at Chelsea College - a chance to go to New York for 18 weeks to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For my entry I have built the city in my room. Basically a lot of paper towers arranged into the grid system. I will eat, live, work and sleep there for 24 hours and show my existence in a time lapse film. Here are a couple of shots of me striking a few tourist poses.



Rather late but better than never, here is the final image of mine and Ben's Shrine to being clean and tidy vs. collecting stuff. We pinned 128 keyrings to a wall in the studio, tried spotlighting them but came to the conclusion that the sterile appearance of the fluro lighting worked very well.


9:00 Monday


Yesterday's Start the Week on bbc radio 4. Interesting dicussion on manifestos and movements in art with guests graphic designer Neville Brody, artist Susan Hiller, Prof Alex Danchev and Nigerian writer EC Osondu. The first 20 minutes or so is very relevant to the subjects we are currently discussing in Cultural Studies at Chelsea College.

It's all over now, baby blue

A few houses found on this little site called 100 Abandoned Houses. Isolated and lonely looking but strangely lovely. http://www.100abandonedhouses.com/

Black Swan

Gorgeous posters designed by La Boca for the new film, Black Swan. Check out the other two on their website at: http://laboca.co.uk/LB3site/portfolio_BlackSwan.html